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Sean Schniederjan's Simple Strength
Interested in immediately or quickly improving your strength and mobility to drastically improve the results of your workouts?

“I injured my shoulder doing dips a couple of months ago. I have had chronic pain since, even though the shoulder seems fine. Today was a bad day, and I decided to get this book. It is short, sweet, and to the point. Judging from how far I am able to move into the exercise, I have some really tight shoulders. Now several hours after doing the exercise, my shoulder pain has decreased to the point that I forget about it. It is the best it has been in months. Thanks!” -lamia, Amazon Review

Here’s a free pdf to automatically improve shoulder and thoracic spine mobility anywhere:

Cure Tight Shoulders Anywhere

Try this free ebook to increase your weighted and unweighted pullups:

How to Increase Weighted and Unweighted Pullups

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